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We are highly experienced professionals in Commercial Interior Architecture. Our Principals have worked for many well-known Denver and Dallas based design firms and have nearly 50 years of combined experience. We believe in Principal level, hands-on involvement in all phases of a project from start to finish. We understand that service means everything and is critical to building, and keeping, great client relationships. Our team is committed to providing timely and responsive service regardless of project size or scope. Contact us today to get started.

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Working collaboratively is central to our purpose and philosophy. We have the ability to easily work remotely from outside our office. We can set up shop anywhere when needed which allows us to work hand in hand in collaboration with you through critical planning or design decisions.

Here at Kestrel, we believe that our relationships with each other help us understand the true meaning of collaboration. Even when working on completely separate projects, our office allows us to constantly communicate with each other and lend specific knowledge when needed. Our office is open, bright and helps creative processes flow.

We aren't one of those stuffy offices. We like to have fun, play with color, give advice and make each other laugh, all while consistently meeting our deadlines day after day, week after week. A happy work environment is important to us, so we understand the importance of your new space and the work relationships that can be cultivated because of the design of your office or space.