Martin Marietta Completes Its First Expansion

In late 2016, Martin Marietta completed their move to 34,000 SF in Denver West. At the beginning of 2018, the design team was asked to complete their first expansion, an additional 6,000 SF adjacent to their first floor space. The program included providing one shared office, six private offices, a small copy area, a training room, and the remainder of the space maxed out with workstations. As all spaces, save for the training room, existed in their current suite, design of most of the expansion was limited to space planning. The training room was required to be an exciting, vibrant space that complemented the remainder of their suite. This was achieved by using the same carpet style and pattern as in the open office areas but in a different color palette, going heavier on bright colors. Additionally, it was important to the client to highlight the values of the company in the room. Along with art, a vinyl word cloud was installed on the main accent wall of the space.

MM Training 05.jpg
MM Training 04 SM.jpg
MM Training 01 SM.jpg

Reed Art & Imaging partnered on the original build-out of Martin Marietta’s office for several metal art pieces. When it came to developing and installing the word cloud, it was an easy choice to partner with them again. The words were generated by the client and highlight the most important values of the company. This became a striking piece of artwork, seamlessly integrated on the wall with high contrast for visibility across the training room.

MM Training 03 SM.jpg

It was important to the client that the training room stand apart from the remainder of the space but still have a connection through the design. Mohawk’s Hyper Earth collection had the vibrant colors the client was looking for in the same pattern as the open office. LVT was added at the rear millwork to help eliminate coffee stains and to introduce the zipper accent pattern was originally designed at all office fronts.

MM Training 06 SM.jpg
MM Training 02 SM.jpg

Kestrel and Martin Marietta teamed up with Interior Environments to provide the furniture for this space along with the original build. Along with the finishes, the furniture was requested to be fun, inviting and engaging. By utilizing an orange frame, the color pop was visible at all times and becomes an integral piece to the overall aesthetic of the room. Along with aesthetic assets, the furniture is fully mobile with casters on tables and chairs with nesting capabilities on both.